Vipany is born out of insatiable quest to cater to the assorted organizational requirements by mapping the talent pool with the current organizational challenges there by providing the best in class and tailor made Human resources that aptly and instantly fits in to the job role thereby bridging the gap between the employer and the employee.

We garner and replenish the talent based on the organizational needs and specifications to provide them with competent, skillful and rational Human resources that caters to the job specifications and requirements. This is made possible, through our expert research team who are very dynamic with their perennial endeavor to meet the expectations and challenges, keeping us in view the current market trends.

We have unique style of functioning and thereby proved to be a niche in the Talent mapping, Talent benchmarking, research & intelligence solutions. We strongly believe in value laden business relations and leadership approach with the organizations by providing them with Proactive methods of talent mapping and actionable intelligence.

We specialize in the people component of business success.